RyRy And Blake Take Their Love Down South

13/02/2012 02:29

Love is still going strong for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. After having a cozy holiday vacay together in NY and Boston, it seemed like the two distanced themselves from each other, which had us wondering if there could be trouble in paradise. Don't fret! Love is still in the air - down south! Blake and RyRy were [...]

The Voice season 2 is still two weeks away, but host Carson Daly is giving viewers a backstage look at the kind of talent we can expect to see this season.

Unlike AI, we get to hear only GOOD voices. Hallelujer!

To get a first look of The Voice season 2, ch-ch-check it out above and watch the season premiere after the Super Bowl on February 5.

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Hilary Duff In The Recording Studio

12/02/2012 02:36

Hilary Duff is looking gorgeous and happy pregnant and is apparently due in March, so not long to go now. She was spotted this week coming out of a recording studio which means she might be preparing for a new album before motherhood. Hilary is expecting a baby BOY with hubby, NHL player Mike Comrie. [...]

SO … the plan for yesterday was for a mostly lazy day followed by a pretty lazy night at the movies with my BFF Darion. At some point yesterday, after I finished watching Empire Records but before I got around to watching Sister Act (what? don’t judge …) David and I were invited by our friends Gray and Jeff to attend a “Britney Spears Power Hour Cocktail Party” (I’m putting it in quotes because that’s how David explained it to me). Intrigued, I decided to turn off the TV … get dressed … and attend this fabulous sounding event. Once I was out of the house and breathing that fresh air stuff, I decided to make a night of it and … yes, go out DRINKING and DANCING. Yes, this sounds like normal Saturday night fare but … I honestly haven’t been out in West Hollywood for at least a year so … it was a special occasion indeed.

The Britney Spears Power Hour was fun … a bunch of folks gathered around a TV (well, a computer monitor actually but it was a really big computer monitor) and watched an hour-long compilation of Britney Spears videos, live performances, etc. It was a veritable Britneypalooza so, yeah, I was in heaven basically :)

After Britney, we made our way to Palihouse for drinks then to The London for dinner then to Mickey’s for more drinks (and go-go dancers) then to a new club called Rasputin:

Darion met up with us at Rasputin and, well, I don’t really remember much after that. I’m telling you, I’m way too out of practice to party like we did last night. It was fun but I’m telling you, I’m deffo good on the party scene for at least another year. I vaguely remember dining on a burger and fries at some point after midnight but … maybe I dreamed it? I dunno.

Today will DEFFO be very different. I’m gonna get around to watching Sister Act (and prolly Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit) and then Darion and I will likely go see our movie. I hope YOU are having a fabulous Sunday. Happy Weekend one and all!

PS: You should watch Sister Act with me … I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you still really like that movie ;)

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Grandma Arrested For Trying To Sell Baby!!!

11/02/2012 12:18

What a horrible, horrible woman!! Patty Bigbee of Holly Hill, Florida, was arrested after trying to sell her 8-week-old grandson for $30,000. She was caught after allegedly approaching someone in October and offering to sell the baby for $75,000. The unknown person contacted the police and then acted as a confidential informant to catch the woman [...]


Dancing With The Stars' Karina Smirnoff is engaged to boyfriend Brad Penny, who Karina calls a "Southern Gentleman."

The couple actually got engaged over a month ago, but Karina said they "kept it quiet because my family is in New York and Brad's family is in Oklahoma so we kind of wanted them to come out and celebrate and be a family first before we let the cat out of the bag."

Karina says that Brad and her manager had planned an elaborate proposal:

"We went to this restaurant and [my manager] got on her phone and said 'this guy is killing me,' and got up and walked away. Then Brad walked in and it still didn't register. He got down on one knee and he opened the box and I said, 'Thank you'. I honestly didn't expect it."

Karina attended Tao Las Vegas's five-year anniversary party Saturday night and showed off her new 4.5 carat Asscher Cut diamond engagement ring.

Whoa!! Get it gurl!

Congrats to the happy couple!

[Image via WENN.]

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Coupons Online Dunkin Donuts

09/02/2012 23:34

Coupons online Dunkin Donuts and free Dunkin Donuts coupons are offered by Dunkin Donuts which is the largest baked goods and coffee chain in the world since 1950. Apart from that, Dunkin Donuts provides their loyal customers with baked goods, coffee, donuts, and bagels of high quality. However, they are immensely popular around the world [...] produit de défiscalisation video surveillance placements financiers interessants internet facts plantes en ligne

Lina Sanz: Angelina Jolie Doppelganger Or Secret Love Child

08/02/2012 00:20

Lina Sanz is Angelina Jolie’s doppelganger. No lie, this beautiful girl from Spain looks JUST like her! Check out the picture and compare it to the video interview. AMAZING. Move over Megan Fox, there is another beauty in town and she looks more like Angelina Jolie than anyone I have seen. Of course there are a lot of people trying to look like the internationally known actress, but few come close. You can actually make a decent living looking like a celebrity, so I think this girl has bright future. Lina Sanz is an aspiring actress from Spain who moved to America to study acting and try to break in the industry. She looks like a very young version of Angelina, and could certainly play her in a movie. Or be her stunt double, if her acting isn’t up to par. Lina is interviewed in the video below, where she addresses her Angelina similarities and even takes the pins out of her hair to show off her Angie mane. Of course it could be her love child, that she gave up for adoption years ago, but that is all speculation. Check out this blind item from a few years back. [...] William Mckinley internet articles Michelangelo Hot newscast for you defiscalisation

Leo Introduces His New Lady To Mom!

06/02/2012 03:02

Here's hoping this one fared off a little better than Blake Lively did! Leonardo DiCaprio has been seeing Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton since this December, but apparently, it's become serious enough for the actor to introduce his new lady to his mother, Irmelin! Sources reportedly spotted all three at brunch together at the Four Seasons Hotel [...]

Simon Cowell is enjoying his vaycay in St. Barts aboard his super yacht!

The talent search goliath was aboard his vessel with a number of ladies as well as stewards and friends.

Simon wasn't afraid to show his chest mane either.

After gallavanting with his shipmates, Simon even had time for a snooze.

Check out the pictures of Simon bearing it all on the Caribbean Sea!

[Image via WENN.]

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MI 4 On Track To Be Largest In The Franchise; Holds Strong With $38 Million Weekend!!

05/02/2012 01:25

Happy New Year, Tom Cruise!! Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is killing it at the box office! As of last Friday, the film had already raked in $250 million worldwide! Crazy! And now it has some other numbers to add to that total — $38,000,000. Needless to say, this was the film America went to watch for [...]

Boy, does she ever!

Ryan Seacrest has been getting help the past few years on NYE from Jenny McCarthy, who takes to the streets to talk to the people crammed in Times Square for the big ball drop.

Now, in case you missed it, we thought we would share the HIGHlight of the event - Jenny locking lips with one of NYC's finest! (above)

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When To Take A 401k Rollover

04/02/2012 03:46

Are you interested to generate income on the web? In truth there are so many different ways that you can get and it'll all depend on your preferences. For instance you will want to create a blog then place some ads on it. But are you aware there are some markets for instance customer relationship management, ecologie and quickest weight loss that are more rewarding than others? The very last niche which I have joined is the pension one and you can get a sample article which I have wei below. When To Take A 401k Rollover Selecting no matter whether to leave your 401(k) cash within your previous employer's program or roll it over to an IRA can be a difficult choice which is often rushed when changing work or retiring. A lot of people realize that cashing out is their worst choice, but what ought to you do together with your retirement money in case you do keep them invested? Sadly, there's no universal answer that is ideal for each individual's scenario, but there are many basic guidelines for everybody to consider. Leaving your cash within the employer's 401(k) or rolling it to a new employer's strategy will provide more protection to your money, but with far more restrictions on withdrawals and investments. Federal law prevents collectors from accessing money in a 401(k) strategy, but there's no such defense for IRAs. Some states have handed their own legal guidelines to defend IRAs, so check the laws exactly where you reside if this is a concern.Very first, you should make sure that you simply actually do have the selection of leaving your money within the program. Employers can close accounts in defined contribution options having a value of much less than $5,000. Accounts less than $1,000 could be straight cashed out and accounts valued among $1,000 and $5,000 must be rolled right into a default employer IRA.1 area exactly where 401(k) options do provide much more overall flexibility than IRAs is in borrowing in the strategy. Once again, verify the terms of one's strategy document as most 401(k) strategies do not permit loans by those not employed with the company. Your capability to withdraw money is seriously restricted if you do decide on to depart the funds inside your former employer's retirement plan. Most ideas do not enable partial withdrawals by former workers, so you may need to cash out or roll more than the whole account harmony if you have to just take any money out later on.Investment options will also be limited in many company-sponsored 401(k) options. However, IRAs normally allow almost any sort of expense. This may possibly not be an problem in case your employer's plan provides high-quality funds, even when the amount of choices is small.IRAs provide much more control over one's money than a 401(k) or other retirement plan would. One benefit for all those approaching the minimal distribution age of 70� will be the capability to designate a non-spousal beneficiary. If a beneficiary younger compared to husband or wife is chosen, the minimal withdrawal is going to be spread out over that person's life expectancy, lowering the quantity cashed out each year. Also, an IRA gives the option of converting into a Roth IRA at a later on date.IRAs also make good perception for people who alter employment frequently. It may be difficult to keep monitor of many employer accounts, so it may possibly be simpler to consolidate all of them into 1 IRA account. Having numerous tiny accounts could restrict your expense choices if any of one's money have minimal deposit specifications.Regardless of whether to roll your money into an IRA or depart them inside your employer's 401(k) program is actually a decision that must be produced according to your certain economic situation. An IRA may possibly be greater for someone who frequently switches jobs or desires a lot more investment choices. If creditor safety is a worry, then the employer's retirement strategy is the most secure option. As with every economic choice, there is nobody answer that may fit everyone's circumstances.

Tips On Booking The Best Entertainment Talent Agency

04/02/2012 01:16

It's no secret that everyone and his brother, sister, aunt and uncle feel that they have the knack for producing children's Musical Theater. With so many publishing houses out there producing mini versions of some of Broadway's biggest hits, providing a "how to" and robust director's manual and prerecorded tracks to the show's songs, everyone is jumping on the band wagon and offering summer productions for kids ages 5-15 years old. However, it is very important to realize that it takes much more than a script, a bunch of students, and hall to produce truly great children's theater! cosmetique biologique Russell Simmons cosmetique biologique Daniel Gasser creer un site internet

New Promotional Material From Snow White The Huntsman!

03/02/2012 01:27

Well, these two Snow White movies are going to be nothing short of style - just on opposite ends of the spectrum! While we've already seen promotional photos from Tarsem Singh's project, Mirror Mirror, which stars Julia Roberts, the first artwork from Rupert Sanders interpretation of the classic fairy-tale, Snow White and the Huntsman, which stars [...]

The world has lost an incredibly artistic, creative man.

We're sad to announce that Family Circus cartoonist Bil Keane passed away yesterday at 89 years old due to congestive heart failure.

His memory will live on through his comic strip, which is featured in almost 1,500 newspapers across the United States!

Here's what Bil said was the goal of his work:

"I would rather have the readers react with a warm smile, a tug at the heart or a lump in the throat as they recall doing the same things in their own families."

Such sweet words!

Our thoughts go out to Bil's five children, as well as his many, many fans.

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