Girls More Likely To Be Overweight By The Age Of SEVEN!

31/12/2011 02:32

Not good! According to a new study by the Institute of Education, girls are more likely to be overweight than boys by the age of seven! The statistics show that nearly one in four girls are overweight by that age, compared to one in six boys! Horrible! We think that parents need to pay much closer attention [...]


This is just deplorable! It's women like this that make it harder for others who are ACTUALLY attacked to get any real justice.

Heidi Jones, a weather anchor for WABC/Channel 7 New York, has been charged with filing a false report after telling the cops a man tried to rape her while jogging in Central Park.

Heidi, who can sometimes be seen filling in on Good Morning America, reportedly told the police that she was attacked over two months ago while out for a run. She claimed a Hispanic man grabbed her from behind and was about to rape her when two passersby came to her aid. She insisted that she saw the man again more recently, and that he threatened her,which is why she finally came forward.

But after some investigation and more questioning, Heidi confessed she made the whole story up.

Why? Because she wanted some sympathy to counter some of the grief she was feeling in her personal life. In other words, she wanted attention.

Well, that's she's got, but not the good kind. This afternoon, the local station will announce her indefinite suspension from her position, rumored to be the first step in firing her. If she is convicted of her Class A misdemeanor charge, she faces a year in jail or $1,000 fine.

We just hope she's learned something for all this. She better feel some serious guilt over playing such a malicious and awful game. There are women all across the world, struggling to deal with the torment of such an ordeal and as far as we can tell, she made light of their suffering.

Awful, simple awful .

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Ryan Gosling Does GQ Magazine

30/12/2011 03:36

Ryan Gosling, who stars in the newly rated R film Blue Valentine out later this year, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine. In his coverstory interview, Ryan talks about Xmas, his deli job, karma and more. Here is our first look at Ryan‘s GQ coverphoto [...] John Waterhouse Uncategorized Herbert Hoover soins anti rides Stuart Davies

8 Reverb Tips

28/12/2011 03:07

An article about Puccini's opera "La Fanciulla Del West" which sees a woman cheat at cards in order to, not only save the man she loves but avoid having to marry one; she; in all truth does not. It being this spirit in Minnie which reminds me of my friend Marcela Vanmak, who bears many similarities to the Minnie, who is also known as the fanciulla del west or the girl from the golden west. Justin Timberlake retrouver le sommeil plantes en ligne marketing internet Doris Miller

Four Best Singers of Bollywood

27/12/2011 00:49

With every remix, time is often the underlying factor, so it's important to decide which samples stay and which should be left out within the first couple of hours (or days, if you've got a longer deadline). In every track there'll always be two or three hooks that make the track what it is. This can be the main riff, the vocals or a specific effect that's used throughout. cuisine bio Russell Simmons maigrir très rapidement Michael Heizer cosmetiques bio

6 Steps in Tuning Your 3 4 Acoustic Guitar

26/12/2011 02:29

One is always attracted into playing guitar music by virtue of a benefit be it financial or otherwise. The duration of attachment to that activity is directly related to the benefit being derived. The more the benefit continues the longer the period of attachment. Another way round is to identify a societal need and make up that gap. In this instance, you are being attracted by your inner urge and will continue with it so long as that need is paramount. John Adams Georgia Okeeffe Elvis Aron Presley George Washington Carver Winston Churchill

The Computer Drum Machine The Key to Professional Sounding Beat Creation

25/12/2011 04:22

Sailing down the aisle in an antique ivory lace dress and veil: eight thousand pounds. Flowers for the church, cake and food for the reception: four thousand pounds. Remembering to hire the function band for the reception: that is priceless. Brides have too much to remember in contrast to the groom, who only has to show up and mumble an I Do. That she hasn't had a screaming mental breakdown before the big day is testament to her organisational skills with a notebook and her mother's help. retrouver le sommeil matelas achat literie cosmetique bio acheter une plante

GarageBand Recording Tips The Six Things You Need To Have In Your Studio

23/12/2011 02:20

Assumed to be an American soldier who participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, this soul provided the inspiration of Bruce's Springsteen 13th studio album dubbed as "Devils and Dust". More often than not, the songs in this album echo souls in a great ordeal. This record album likewise contains relationships between children and their mother, which is relatively new in the case of Bruce Springsteen who used to speak of father-children relationships in his earlier albums. Franz Marc alarme maison Login alarmes maison article base

Rocket Piano Reviews

18/12/2011 22:14

Learning how to play the instrument is one of the most fun things you can do on summer vacation or whenever you have some time to spare. This is because learning how to play an instrument can allow you to express yourself more and can also help you understand the things that you want to do. Other than just staying inside the house doing nothing, wouldn't it be much better and potentially more rewarding to use your time by playing an instrument that is actually very easy to learn? Outkast placements financiers interessants recent news articles croisiere turquie Laurie Fields

Guide to the Yamaha Electronic Piano and Other Keyboard Brands

16/12/2011 01:28

Ever wondered what the RG stands for in Ibanez RG series models? It means rock guitar, and that's exactly what Ibanez delivers. Ibanez makes some of the favorite guitars for those who want to play rock, metal and shred and need fast playability with a hard rock sound. Even better, Ibanez is able to provide all this at a reasonable price. soin anti rides croisiere pas cher achat matelas croisiere seychelles stage developpement

Justin Timberlake On Sci Fi Movie Set

05/12/2011 01:13

Last month, we posted some photos of Justin Timberlake getting his actor on with co-star Amanda Seyfried on the set of their new sci-fi film, Now. We've got some new on set photos from Justin's film (below). The film's story revolves around a future where people can live forever, but time has a price tag attached! Between this [...]


Good lord!

Those PIERCING eyes! We go weak at the knees!


Check out the always-seksi Ryan Gosling looking especially delicious on the cover of this month's issue of GQ (above)!

Scruff? Check.
Smoldering stare? Check.
Impeccable jawline? Check.
Gratutious nudity? Yes PLEASE!

LOLz! Perhaps that will come along with Blue Valentine!

Here's hoping!


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