Justin Timberlake On Sci Fi Movie Set

05/12/2011 01:13

Last month, we posted some photos of Justin Timberlake getting his actor on with co-star Amanda Seyfried on the set of their new sci-fi film, Now. We've got some new on set photos from Justin's film (below). The film's story revolves around a future where people can live forever, but time has a price tag attached! Between this [...]


Good lord!

Those PIERCING eyes! We go weak at the knees!


Check out the always-seksi Ryan Gosling looking especially delicious on the cover of this month's issue of GQ (above)!

Scruff? Check.
Smoldering stare? Check.
Impeccable jawline? Check.
Gratutious nudity? Yes PLEASE!

LOLz! Perhaps that will come along with Blue Valentine!

Here's hoping!


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