Lina Sanz: Angelina Jolie Doppelganger Or Secret Love Child

08/02/2012 00:20

Lina Sanz is Angelina Jolie’s doppelganger. No lie, this beautiful girl from Spain looks JUST like her! Check out the picture and compare it to the video interview. AMAZING. Move over Megan Fox, there is another beauty in town and she looks more like Angelina Jolie than anyone I have seen. Of course there are a lot of people trying to look like the internationally known actress, but few come close. You can actually make a decent living looking like a celebrity, so I think this girl has bright future. Lina Sanz is an aspiring actress from Spain who moved to America to study acting and try to break in the industry. She looks like a very young version of Angelina, and could certainly play her in a movie. Or be her stunt double, if her acting isn’t up to par. Lina is interviewed in the video below, where she addresses her Angelina similarities and even takes the pins out of her hair to show off her Angie mane. Of course it could be her love child, that she gave up for adoption years ago, but that is all speculation. Check out this blind item from a few years back. [...] William Mckinley internet articles Michelangelo Hot newscast for you defiscalisation