MTV Releases The First Promo Images For Jersey Shore Season 3

30/10/2011 18:18

It seems like only yesterday that we bid adieu to the cast of MTV‘s Jersey Shore when the second season of the show ended last Summer. But, brace yourselves, y’all … it’s almost time to say hello to our fave cast of self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes because Jersey Shore season 3 is just one month [...]

This afternoon I will be making my way to LAX Airport so that I can jet back home to Detroit, MI for the rest of the week to pre-celebrate the holidays with my family and friends back home:

Despite the fact that I really, really did NOT want to fly again this year I thought it would be nice to go home for a quick trip in between all the crazy Thanksgiving and Xmas melee. I’ll get to spend time with my parents and friends and I’ll get to visit some of my favorite haunts without having to deal with all the holiday lunacy. I’ll be working as usual for the rest of the week but from tomorrow ’til Sunday, I’ll be comin’ atcha from Detroit Rock City!

I hear it’s cold in the Midwest … yeah.

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