Regis Philbin Hijacks An NBC Tour!

01/02/2012 04:05

Wouldn't you want to have been one of the lucky bitches on this NBC tour!?! Regis Philbin went to do a chat with Brian Williams, and he ended up taking over a tour on his way out! Classic Rege!! During his hijacking, he tells some stories of yesteryear…. ….and it's actually really sweet! REGIS, REGIS! [...]

So cute...and creepy!

Back in October, we got a first look at Tim Burton's next animated film Frankenweenie, which is based on a live-action short film of the same name that he directed back in 1984.

As we mentioned before, the story revolves around a boy who loses his dog, but then brings him back to life using his science kit, like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!

Now, a new image from the upcoming black-and-white Frankenfilm has been released (above), and we think it looks just fantastic!

It'll be hard to outdo the amazingness that is The Nightmare Before Christmas, but this one will be a step up from Tim's 2005 movie Corpse Bride for sure!

What do U think? Are U excited for Frankenweenie???

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